Are you tired of looking at that unwanted feature to your yard? Are you not sure how to get rid of that vehicle? There are options out there to help you out. Certainly there are some in better shape than others, but there is always an option to choose from.

One of the first options, open to most vehicles that run well and start up fairly easy, is to wash and repair what you can without putting any money or as little as possible into it. You’ll want to list it in as many free websites as you can. The age of internet research has long since come to be, and the internet can be one of the most valuable tools in selling the car. It is important to do your own research at this point as well. If you were to price your vehicle too high it may deter potential buyers from contacting you. It is also important to remember at this point the price should be something you are happy with and the buyer feels like they are also getting a deal. Be mindful of what time of year you are advertising to sell your vehicle. Spring is a good time to sell to newly graduates of high school as many will need transportation to and from work or college. Winter isn’t the optimal time to try to sell a sports car or convertible so time you advertisements accordingly.

If the vehicle you’re trying to get out of your yard doesn’t run you still have the option to sell to a private buyer. A quicker and less hassle way of dealing with a vehicle that doesn’t run is taking it to a scrap yard. Most scrap yards will pay cash for the metal. Local car repair or junk yards are another option because although the vehicle doesn’t run it may be able to be used for parts. These methods are not as lucrative as selling the car outright, but it is for you to decide which avenue you’d like to pursue. Say for instance, you are located in San Diego, what you could do is contact a company like cash for cars San Diego and they will actually come and purchase your car from you.

A great option, usually seasonal, is a “push, pull, drag” trade in deal from a dealership. Most dealerships will have this deal or something similar once a year. These types of trade in deals can really help out anyone trying to get rid of a car in their yard or one they just can’t sell. A vehicle in any condition can be brought in and be used to trade in for a new or used vehicle. This is a good option provided you can monitor local dealerships through the television or radio. As far as compensation for you vehicle goes it will be more than the scrap yard/junk yard but most likely less than selling it on the open market. Trade in deals are a happy medium when it comes to overall convenience provided you are able or even want to purchase something